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NaCCRA is encouraging citizens in rethinking America's healthcare system in an effort to bridge the political polarities which have been dividing us.

The analysis and reflection encompassed here in the papers listed below relating to reform of the American healthcare system are solely the work of the author and do not reflect the advocacy positions of NaCCRA or of any other organization until, and unless, NaCCRA or others endorse or accept all or part of the concepts exposed here for public comment.

We want to hear from you and we need your input

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  Analytical White Papers Exposed for Comment
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Healthcare for All Americans

Basic Concepts for Better Healthcare for America

Reducing Medical Transportation Costs for Senior Clients

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This website is used for organizational matters as a record of the deliberations of NaCCRA's Board, Committees, etc.  These deliberations are open to all members in the interest of transparency and openness.