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NaCCRA's Principles Follow From Its Purpose

Most continuing care retirement community (CCRC) residents move to a CCRC campus to have the peace of mind from knowing that standby responses to aging’s challenges can be instantly available at the press of a call button.  As people age, their capacity for coping tends to diminish and they need supportive services to simplify their lives and to empower them to continue purpose-filled meaningful lives.  Many older people look to their families for the support they need; others choose to anticipate and provide for their own needs by contracting with provider organizations.

The Ideal

The ideal CCRC would optimize the totality of elements needed for a carefree existence through the aging years regardless of whether those included resided on campus or elsewhere.  It would include complete healthcare for wellbeing and healthy living.  It would encompass in a single, straightforward fee structure all elements needed for carefree living, from subsistence needs like food and lodging, through fulfilling opportunities to give continued meaning to living, all within the framework of a mutually supportive, communal experience.

Like all utopias the ideal is but a dream.  The wish of people to avoid burdening their families by contracting with providers created what was, at first, a charitable undertaking, but which has, with time, become a business. 

As is true in most businesses, there is a natural tension between the wish of the customers for value and the wish of the providers for career compensation, risk avoidance, and profit (which remains technically undistributed in the case of the tax-exempt providers who comprise roughly 80% of the continuing care industry). NaCCRA is committed to the best interests of the consumers. 

NaCCRA’s Approach

NaCCRA appeals to reason and the good will expected of people in its efforts to improve the lives and security of CCRC residents. It's approach, in ascending order, includes.

1.      Developing concepts of integrity and meaningful standards as the best business approach for providers to pursue in their enterprises committed to supporting those who are aging.

2.      Educating consumers in the market for senior services so that they can make more informed purchase decisions.

3.      Pursuing legislation to raise underperforming senior serving provider operations up to a minimally acceptable standard to ensure the security and well-being of America’s elderly.

4.      In cases in which all else fails, pursuing justice in the courts. 

NaCCRA seeks to right the balance so that future senior services consumers can contract with providers secure in the knowledge:

1.      that their moneys will be fairly used;

2.      that they can be sure that promises made will be promises kept;

3.      that they will be consulted in the governance decisions of their homes; and

4.      that contracts will be regulated so as not to give providers unfair advantage, and diminished accountability, at the expense of the consumers who trust them.

NaCCRA is business friendly.  It’s also government friendly.  But, above all, NaCCRA is people friendly.  Business is at its best when its purpose is to make peoples’ lives better.  Government works well when it advances the general welfare. 

NaCCRA Working For You

This overview is a vision of how the security of those who are aging can be lifted to give better value by making elder services more age friendly and more affordable for the many Americans who need them.


  Elaboration on these Principles with additional detail can be found by clicking on this paragraph which will access a much longer and more detailed document.

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