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October 2013 Board Manual

In October 2013, then NaCCRA President-Elect Ron Herring delivered to the Board copies of a Board Manual which he adopted based on his prior experience as CEO of Lutheran Family Services of Virginia.  That Board Manual has not been updated since.  It is presented here as guide to NaCCRA's now developing an up-to-date Manual for NaCCRA's Directors


Board Manual Index

The Sections in White are clickable.

I Introduction to Manual

a.   Introduction

b.   Non Profit Responsibilities and Governance Guidance

II Corporate Documents

a.   Articles of Incorporation

b.   501 C (3) Authorization

c.   By Laws

d.   History

e.   D&O Liability Insurance

f.     Contracts

g.   Strategic Plan

h.   Minutes

i.     Organizational Chart

III Board Members, Committees

a.   Activities and Responsibilities

b.   Position Descriptions

c.   Board Members and Officers

d.   Committees

e.   Committee Reports

f.     Board Meeting Agendas

IV Financial Statements, Budgets, Audits

a.   Financial Statements

b.   Budgets

c.    Audits

V  Procedures

a.   Expense Reimbursement

b.   Guidelines for Conference Planning

c.   Governance and Board Procedures

d.   Grant Request to Envision

VI Policies

a.   Current Policies

b.   Proposed Policies

VII  Information, Education



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